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    Url parameter with several ajax sheets

    Ilpo Kankkunen


      I'm having a problem with passing language parameter from url -address to qv-ajax pages. My url is like this:

      The language parameter is variating (en, se, fi etc)

      In the qv -document, (where I have several sheets) I have a language listbox, which should take in the parameter.

      So, this works fine in first sheet when i put this code in the C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QvClients\QvAjaxZfc\opendoc.htm -document:

      function init(key, name) {
      var val = Qva.ExtractProperty(key);
      if(val) qva.Set(name,'text',val,false);


      LB88 takes the language in. (I must deselect it first when I save the qv-document)

      But, when I change the sheet in ajax document (IE-browser or Firefox), the language selection disappears (clears).

      I think there is a place somewhere in the js. script modules where the parameter can be coded stable.

      Does anybody have the answer or solution to this problem??

      With best regards