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    Custom Users

    Evgenia Dandurova

      Anyone ever worked with Custom Users setup in v9? Maybe there is a white paper somewhere that you can share with me with regard to the settings in QEMC to make Custom Directory work?

      I was somewhat successful in 8.50 except for the smooth transition between custom user and that special distribution account. Login to the Access Point was successful. I expected Publisher to seemlessly login a custom user (role) into our system through the designated ID but no matter which combination of access settings I used, Publisher kept asking me for Windows Authentication on document open.

      I was told that in version 9 this process was supposed to be easier. Now I even can't get the documents to display - could be my being new to the super duper environment that comes with version 9 though...

      I would greatly appreciate any reference/document/suggestion regarding distribution of QVWs to custom users, even if it's for 8.50

      Uncapped server license, publisher license with a single distribution service (XS), v 9.0.7320.7




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          follow QlikView server manual for Custom User configuration, after change Authentication method in the webserver configuration setting "Login" and "login.htm" page name.
          Should work, bye.

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            Bjorn Wedbratt

            To enable Custom Users and Groups open QlikView Enterprise Management Console (QEMC) and go to the tab System.

            Expand the Directory Service Connectors section in the left pane on the Setup-tab.
            Expand your DSC and select Custom Directory.
            If you don't see any Users-tab in the right pane, go to the General tab (in the right pane) and press the green plus-sign to add a new Custom-path by pressing the GetDefault-icon.
            Press Apply and the Users-tab should be visible.

            The repository for Custom Users will be written to the CustomDataDirectory.xml file in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\DirectoryServiceConnector folder.

            Select the User-tab and proceed adding users and groups.

            Once done, expand the QlikView Web Servers section and select your QlikView Web Server (QVWS).

            In the right-pane go to the tab AccessPoint.

            Change Authentication to "Login".

            Set the Login address to /qlikview/login.htm.

            Press Apply.

            Expand the QlikView Servers section in the left pane and select your QlikView Server (QVS).

            Go to the Security-tab in the right pane and change Authorization from NTFS authorization to DMS authorization.

            Press Apply (this will restart your QVS).

            Open Internet Explorer and go to http://site/qlikview. You should be redirected to the login page.
            Logins are case sensitive, so be sure you type the user exactly as you created it in the Users tab of the DSC.

            Note: if running Windows Server 2008 and having difficulties when distributing to Custom Groups do the following:

            - Logon to the server with the domain account running QlikView Server
            - Restart QlikView Server from Windows Services

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                Hi Bjorn,

                That was very informative. But in our case, we are going to develop our own portal to display QVWs. So dou you have any idea how we can set up these custom users programatically. Is there any APIs available to create/delete custom users programatically.

                One way we thought of implementing it was by updating the CustomDataDirectory.xml file directly using the vb.net code, but no sure is that the right approach.



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                    We did a similar thing with QV 8.5. We basically made our own call to QVS to get a ticket for a user and passed that ticket when opening the report. I'm not sure how to do it with QV9 (just installed SR3 and started looking at it).

                    With qv8.5, you can connect as an admin and request a ticket with a username only, if that user has DMS permissions he can see the report. It's also possible to manage the DMS permissions using the same API calls (basically sending xml to QVS)



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                    Hi Bjorn, that is very helpful indeed. Even a certified QlikView Partner didn't know how to set this up properly... user access works fine, but group access using custom groups doesn't work (users do not see their documents). We're running Windows Server 2008, but the below didn't solve the issue.

                    Any ideas what else could be preventing the resolution of the group names?

                    Many thanks!


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                        Hi Lukas,

                        We too found Björns instructions here as the most clear and understandable that we could find. Unfortunately it did not work either using Windows Server 2008 and with a very simple Custom User setup.

                        When we contacted QV Tech Support, they said it was a licensing issue, while Sales said it was a technical / configuration issue.

                        After solving it by skipping DMS and using Active Directory, we recently heard from QV that it was a licensing issue. We had Small Business Edition which aparently does not support DMS. So if you have the Small Business Edition (Up to 25 users), no amount of configuration should work. You need to upgrade to Enterprise Edition to be able to make use of the DMS. This was the final message we got from Qlikview, which confirmed our suspicions.

                        Which License version do you have?

                        / Taq


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                            Hi Taq,

                            thanks for your feedback. We do have the Enterprise Edition licensed.

                            We received feedback from QlikTech yesterday who stated it being a bug which will most likely not be fixed with SR3 unfortunately.

                            Active Directory is something we are currently looking at too - was it difficult to setup (the server manual is a bit short on this topic..)?


                            Cheers, Lukas

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                                Assuming you already have users setup in Active Directory and the directory is exposed by LDAP (normally by default),

                                You just need to assign the servername in the Directory Service Connectors -> Active Directory, General Tab.

                                There is a label called path and in their you enter a URL to the server.

                                e.g. LDAP´://theserver.thedomain.com

                                / Taq

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                              Do anybody knows if Group Authorization can be used with Custom Groups using the Custom Directory. It does not seem to work. It only works with Custom Users. I am using DMS Mode.

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                              Evgenia Dandurova

                              Thank you Bjorn. Although it is very, very helpful to have this list of steps in one place as opposed to it being spread throughout the manual Smile, i was actually looking for tricks and tips, extras... For instance, Client Authentication in QVS settings can't be set to Always Anonymous, etc.

                              Thank you though...


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                                I tried this but when accessing the qlikview server with internetexplorer from a computer with an other domain name is still get a popscreen for the user account and there is no way it accepts my custom users

                                If i access it from the localhost machine i first get the anonymous page and have to clik on login to go to the login.htm.


                                I would like to go directly to the login.htm page from the local host and the machine on the other domain.



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                                  Very helpful summary. I would add that (to successfully complete the "DMS authentication") it is necessary to indicate at the "document level" the enabled users

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                                    These steps are very helpful.

                                    I do have a question though - I don't have the AccessPoint tab where I am supposed to change the authentication to "Login".

                                    Any ideas why I don't have that tab?


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                                      Kartikeswar Parida

                                      Hi Bjom,


                                      I followed all the steps you mentioned & I was able to login with custom user as well. But the problem I'm facing currently is; I'm not able to see any of the dashboards. Can you please advise on this?


                                      We are using QVS 11.