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    Accesspoint Formatting Issues

      I am running into several formatting issues when trying to view apps in Accesspoint. I create several QVWs the way I like, with certain charts, list boxes, etc formatted in such a way that look good and in sync. However, when I load, distribute, and then view the apps on Accesspoint, everything goes haywire.

      • List boxes shrink and/or have scroll buttons added.
      • Charts all lose the rounded corners.
      • Pretty much ALL objects on the screen start overlapping left and right and it just looks terrible.

      Is there a way while working on a source file, to "VIEW IN ACCESSPOINT FORMAT"? Or is there a particular setting I need to set up? The way i am doing it now is a waste of time because my source file looks perfect when I save it, but then when viewed in Accesspoint it looks awful.