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    What are steps to correctly perform a "Clean Install".


      After a failed upgrade QV Server 9 SR1 -> SR2 I have tried to perform a fresh or clean install but am not sure if I have taken all the correct steps as the same problems remained after steps below followed by new QV Server install.

      1) Stop All QV Services

      2) Used QV Installer option to "Uninstall QV Server"

      3) Have manually deleted, if not removed, the following directories:

      C:\Program Files\QlikView

      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech

      4) Have manually removed from NT, using Regedit, all instances of QlikTech entries:

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER : Software : QlikTech

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE : Software : QlikTech


      Note I missed entries in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

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