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    Virtual Memory Problem?

    Don Saluga

      Our Qlikview Server V9 SR2 is 64 bit with 24 GB of RAM. Lately, the QVS service has been stopping about every 5-6 days which causes our reloads to fail. We think its a virtual memory issue so we increased the paging file size from 4096 to 12291 because the Max VM Commited hit 10243 during the month according to the Qlikview Operations Monitor.

      I am concerned now that there may be a memory leak and that the paging file will ultimately exceed the new maximun. Is there a setting that an be changed in Version 9 R2 for releasing memory? I couldn't find any. Any advice would be appreciated.

      Thank you.

      Don Saluga


        • Virtual Memory Problem?
          Don Saluga

          I just wanted to add that under the Qlikview Management Console-- Qlikview Server Settings, the working set limits is set to "Dedicated Server more than 6GB". The reload limits just has N/A. I can't seem to find any more information in the reference manual. Thanks.


          • Virtual Memory Problem?

            Releasing the Virtual memory requires a restart of the services.

            If you are not restarting the services, then try this and schedule the batchfile to run in the middle of the night.

            Create a .bat file and paste this to it. (This will restart all QV services)

            REM Stop QVS.
            net stop "QlikViewServer"

            net stop "QlikView Directory Service Connector"
            net start "QlikView Directory Service Connector"

            net stop "QlikView Distribution Service"
            net start "QlikView Distribution Service"

            net stop "Qlikview Management Service"
            net start "Qlikview Management Service"

            net stop "QlikView Publisher Command Center Service"
            net start "QlikView Publisher Command Center Service"

            REM Start QVS
            net start "QlikViewServer"