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    reduction on 2 fields in publisher

    Amar Bogam


      I have 2 disconnected (for some reason) data models residing in a single qilkview document.There is a common field in both of it and I want to reduce the data based on these 2 fields (say, Dept1 in data model 1 and Dept2 in data model and both fields are identical ) using publisher.After reduction, any file should have same deparment' data in both the data models.

      I can pass selections made in one of the fields to the other field thru macro but macros are disabled by publisher.

      Is there any way to accomplish this without joining these 2 data models.? (requirement is such that I have to keep them separate)

      Please help.




        • reduction on 2 fields in publisher
          Amar Bogam

          I am using publisher 8.5. Has anybody ever come across something like this? Please let me know if there is any possibility.

            • reduction on 2 fields in publisher
              Vlad Gutkovsky

              Interesting question. You could try this:

              1. Do a Loop & Reduce on the first field.
              2. Then do a Loop & Reduce on each file that was outputted by the 1st Loop & Reduce. Make sure your naming conventions on this 2nd Loop & Reduce include the values from BOTH fields (for example, Dept1_value - Dept2_value - 01; Dept1_value - Dept2_value - 02; etc).
              3. Once both operations have run once, create a distribution task that will distribute the good files (i.e. the ones where the values of Dept1 & Dept2 match up--you can tell this by the file names) to the proper users so they can see them in the AccessPoint.

              This is kind of cumbersome, but I can't think of another way to do what you require.

                • reduction on 2 fields in publisher
                  Amar Bogam

                  Thanks for you reply !

                  Unfortunately , my current reduction job creates some 1000 files and takes very long time.

                  Just for the sake of getting reduction job done ,I am linking these 2 datasets together and I found a way to break the link after the reduction job.

                  On document open macro,I am doing partial reload and in the script I am dropping that key field off if it's a partial reload.After reduction the key field will have only one value (this is the field used for reduction) so it just takes few seconds.

                  Thanks again!