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    Firstsortedvalue or Concat

    Ibrahim Aslan



      I need your help.


      I want to show in the Line Chart some value. For example, order quantities. The maxstring in a week and the minstring a week.2016-01-15 07_30_20-10.168.195.jpg


      The expression are:

      MaxString(total <Woche> {<Abrufwoche, Abrufnummer=>} (Auftragsmenge))

      MinString(total <Woche> {<Abrufwoche, Abrufnummer=>} (Auftragsmenge))


      Now I want to show in the Chart, which "Abrufnummer", that means customer order is the max and which order is min.




      2016-01-15 07_34_33-10.168.195.jpg


      How can I do this? I don't know how I can find the order number and how I can show it in the chart.