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    QlikSense Cloud-not logging in or sharing an app

      Hi there experts!


      I'm new in Qlik Sense Coud and my aim was to upload some Qlik Sense apps to share them with some workmates. However, I've got several problems:


      1. Firstly, some people do not get to load the Qlik page in order to log in their Qlik users and Access to the Qlik Sense Cloud. They've tried several browserssuch as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer  in their laptops with no luck.However, I have done so and loaded it using Internet Explorer in my laptop. Why could it be? However, they got to Access to the Cloud from an Android device.


      2. Secondly, the ones who entered into the Qlik Sense Cloud, received my invitation and accepted it, cannot see my App yet despite the App was already shared and I typed their email accounts. Is there any reason for that?


      I've followed some steps explained in discussions and YouTube videos to share an App and so on but I didnt get to solve the problem yet.


      I would be grateful if any of you could give me a hand on it,


      Thanks so much in advance!!