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    Inconsistent Object Display with IE Plugin

      Iv'e experienced this problem for some time now with QVS 9, QVS 9 SR1 and QVS 9 SR2.

      When selecting a model for viewing on the AccessPoint, often the objects do not align themselves in the same place which they can be seen on the Qlikview desktop client.

      You can see an example of this below, with the Month list box, not aligned with the Year list box.


      error loading image


      If I simply click 'Refresh' on the same model, both list boxes are now out of alignment.

      error loading image


      If i hit 'Refresh' again, i'm now back where i started:


      error loading image


      Occaisonaly I will get the correct alignment, but this may involve exiting the model, going back to the AccessPoint page and selecting the model once again.


      Are the objects simply too close to each other for the IE plug in to display them correctly?

      OR, can I control the object properties to prevent this from occuring?

      Thanks very much.