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    Login Image Qlik Image Change!

    abhay singh



      How to change this image please suggest..


      Pls find the image in Attachment

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          Levi Turner

          I do not have my Sense Server handy to track down the exact path. But you can figure it out by going to that page, opening up the developer tools for the browser, inspecting the element with the image to get the filename, then tracking it down in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client\. The cleanest way is to replace that exact image, e.g. sense-server.png becomes sense-server-old.png and you name your file sense-server.png.

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              abhay singh

              Hi Levi,


              This login is asking me in MAC Browser only, if i m trying to open it in Windows browser it is not showing to me.


              I am using windows, so unable to get this login,


              So is there any other way to track?


              and sense-server.png image is the image seen at hub, which i have tried to change with client logo image and its done, but this login image not changing.