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    Why input boxes values get flushed after server reload

      Hello Qlik community

      I am facing a problem which no expert has managed to solve so far.

      I have created a qlikview application which holds input boxes.

      A lot of outputs such as graphs and equations depend of these values.

      The application is hosted on a server and available through an access point.

      Everything was working fine until I programmed a daily reload of the application from the server.

      Each time the application is reloaded, the input boxes values get "flushed". I do not know how to express this better but basically the values still appear (although all units are gone), but are not recognized by the application.

      As a result, most of the output graphs and results show nothing. Each cell of the input box has to be clicked in and the value validated by pressing enter. This is a real inconvenient for our users and no one has been able to find any solution so far.

      I need this reload just for a few parameters from the application which are updated directly from a URL. I could work around this problem with a partial reload but we do not have the Publisher license, and I'm not expert enough to create a partial reload from an external task as I found in a few posts.

      See attached screen shots which illustrate my problem.

      Any suggestion regarding this problem or assistance on the partial reload would be most welcome.