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    Ajax client causes QVS.exe to become unresponsive


      We're having a strange problem that I would appreciate some thoughts on. We have a semi-large application that tracks transactions. The main table has around 1.3M rows, with twenty or so surrounding tables. When using the IE Plugin to view this, all is well.


      However, when it is opened with the Ajax client, the QVS.exe process on the server shoots to 100% CPU usage and after 60 seconds it timeouts. During this time, the web interface is unresponsive if another client tries to use it. After the timeout (or when the user closes the unresponsive browser window) the web interface becomes responsive again after 10-20 seconds.


      What could cause this behaviour, and why is the server acting so differently depending on which client is used to access the interface? I don't think our data set is very big at all, so what would happen if it were to grow from here?