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    No EDX Trigger Found... now what???

    Dimitrios Apostolopoulos

      Hello, everyone!


      I am trying to set an EDX task in Publisher but something's going wrong...

      Server Version is 12.0.20000.0 and QlikView Desktop is 11.2.12904.0 SR12 (64-bit)


      I am trying to trigger the EDX task with a  batch file with the following syntax:


      D:\KickFlow\EDX\qmsedx -task="TestForEDX"


      I have created the task "TestForEDX" in QMC and i use the EDX version 1.0.4 for QlikView 12 that i downloaded from the community that is attached in the zip file...


      When i try to run the batch file that calls the EDX task, i get the following error:




      Can you help me with this one, i tried myself but i didn't have any luck...


      Thanks in advance...