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    Interdependency of 2 charts



      I'm new to Qlikview, kindly help me with this issue i m facing.


      I have 2 charts  - 'Patients New to Pending' and 'Patients New Starts' . Both these charts are grouped on 'Region' parameter.


      Now when i click 'South' of 'Patients New to Pending'  , 'South'  region  of 'Patients New Starts' gets reflected/


      I do not want this interdependency.


      Is there a possible way to achieve this?




      Please help with the above




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          There are several ways. You can create an alternate state and assign that alternate state to one of the charts. That way selections in one chart will not change the other too. Alternate states can be created on the General tab of the Document Properties window. After creating it you can assign it to a chart on the General tab of its properties window.

          Another way is to change the expression in the chart to ignore selections in one or more field. For example by changing sum(Amount) to sum({1}Amount) the expression will ignore all selections. Sum({<Region= >}Amount) will ignore only selections in the Region field.