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    Identity Data Set Types for new sheet objects

      Dear all,

      While developing QLIKVIEW documents how to identify which data field will be used as list box/multi-box/line-chart/Bar-chart? Every time I get confused on selecting fields for new sheet objects like list box/multi-box/line-chart/Bar-chart? Any suggestions or advice would be great help. Example will also enhanced my further thinking.


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          Marcus Sommer

          If you used a naming-convention for your fieldnames within the datamodel like %Key and #Measure it will be easier to find and use the right fields. Further if you picked up fields you could restrict them to certain table (below the list).


          Another very important point not only for the purpose of a better overview and a easier usability else from a performance point of view is to load only those fields which are really needed.


          - Marcus

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            Mayuresh Athalye

            Dimensions: Qualitative fields like Customer Name, Part#, City, Country etc.

            Measures:Quantitative field like Amount, Sales, Qty. etc.


            List box: used to provide filter condition to User for specific Dimension like Customer Name, Part# etc.

                 In few requirement, we can also append the expression/calculation in list box like Customer Name with Part count

                 Ex: Field: Customer Name

                       Expression: =count(DISTINCT Part#)


            Multi-box: If we do not have much space in UI, then we can use multi-box to group multiple dimensions in single object.

                 Ex: Field: Customer Name, Region, Country


            Line-chart: Mostly used to show the trend lines over dimension like time period etc.

                 Ex: Dimension: Month

                       Expression: Sales=sum(Amount)


            Bar-chart: (Grouped) Mostly used for comparison between multiple values of single field against another dimension

                 Ex: Want to show monthly or yearly Budget Vs Actual comparison

                      Dimension: Month/Year

                      Expression: Budget=sum(Budget), Actual=sum(Sales)


                 Ex: Showing Monthly Sales for multiple regions

                      Dimension: Month, Region

                      Expression: Sales=sum(Sales)


            Also we can use Staked bar chart to show contribution of multiple field values over another dimension

            Ex: show Monthly Sales spited into region

                 Dimension: Month, Region

                 Expression: Sales=sum(Sales)


            For more and better understanding refer QlikView cookbook