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    QV NPrinting Merge PDFs of different reports

    Boris Michel

      Dear all,


      I have made an NPrinting 'report'/document/app - an nsq -  consisting of 2 pixel perfect reports, 3 excel reports and a word covering letter. I can have a task dump pdfs for all of these into a folder on the hard drive. My question is: Is there a functionality in NPrinting that allows me to merge all these PDF files into a single document? I could theoretically create one pp report that contains all of the information as well, but that would be quite cumbersome - especially considering I already have all the Office templates ready.


      Thanks for any help!



      (Also: sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an appropriate thread via google or the community search)

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          Stephen Jasionowski

          Boris - there is no functionality in NPrinting to merge reports. You can compress them and add to a zip file as part of the report task, but nothing that will merge them into a single PDF.

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            Mike Czerwonky

            Sounds like a good feature upgrade in the future.   You should create this as an Idea on the forum.


            We have used Adobe Acrobat Pro to merge multiple PDF files together into one.  You can do a 30 day trial of that from Adobe.  I know the program is somewhat expensive and I am sure there are many free or nearly free utility programs available on the Internet to do the same task.


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              Boris Michel

              Thanks all!


              It is a pity that this is no current feature. Maybe it could indeed be considered for a future release.


              Thanks also for the heads-up with acrobat. I would need a process that makes the bundling of the PDFs 'batchable' - otherwise there is a new manual step in the process of report generation that will reduce the appeal of an NPrinting solution to my client. Maybe I can dispatch the reports to a Pdf printer and somehow group the individual components by the cycle field prefix... Still it is a bit botched .