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    IE plugin: security settings denies access


      I've been throwing way too many hours into this already, so I'm putting it out here in the hope that someone else has come upon the same problem. My goal is to get a single qlikview application (1 QVW file) working with both the Ajax interface and the IE Plugin, using the ticket system available in qlikview. This is also known as single sign-on.

      The Ajax interface works fine, I request a ticket and redirect to the url of the Ajax interface with ?userid=<ticket> added to it. The IE Plugin does not work no matter what I try. I've tried both with and without section access, using the qlikx webpage, using the qvp:// link and I've tried connecting from a remote client and local client (the server that runs qlikview). So far I've not been able to connect at all.

      As a test I've created a new (very simple) qlikview application without any data or section access in it. There's just a single text element on it that says "test". I'm requesting tickets for user "qlikview", so I've added that user to the DMS. I've even added anonymous (didn't help though and the file should not be publicly accessible). Instead of using ?userid=<ticket> I believe I should be using ?iis_authenticate=<ticket>, but this doesn't seem to do anything.

      What's the next step?