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    Error message

    Ruth Kfir

      Hello all,


      I get this message from the 'Monitoring tool' on the NP server.

      What does it mean and what to do?

      Thanks in advance



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          Mike Czerwonky

          What is the server trying to do when the message comes up?  Are you running a reload task?  Anything in the log file to indicate the cause of failure?

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              Ruth Kfir



              Thank you for your attention.

              I get this message when I press the “Monitiring tool” bottom to see the schedule table.


              It’s not a reload task.


              The log file doesn’t show anything.




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                  Mike Czerwonky

                  Have you changed anything in your configuration?    You can go to your NP client and load your NSQ file and see what is currently in the schedule.  I am assuming that you have had a working model up to now.  Do you have data that has been reloaded?


                  If you can't find anything wrong, then you might try restarting your service or the proverbial when all else fails, reboot your Nprinting Server.


                  If all of this fails, then submit a help ticket to Qlik Support team

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                    Daniel Jenkins

                    Hi Ruth,


                    Could you please try the following (just a hunch):


                    1. Open QlikView NPrinting Server

                    2. Stop the service

                    3. Remove all the NSQ's and Folders from the list

                    4. Close QlikView NPrinting Server

                    5. Browse to the folder %ProgramData%\NPrinting\Monitor\

                    6. Rename Schedules.xml to SchedulesOLD.xml

                    7. Open QlikView NPrinting Server, add the NSQ's and Folders to the list & check the Monitoring Tool


                    Let us know the outcome.


                    - Daniel.