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    Administrator emails to users


      I simply would like send an administrator email to all registered users saying something like "today at 11pm the QV server will be down till 6 am". I haven't found something in the manual and nothing in this forum ... so far.

      We are using QVS 9 SR1.
      We are not using Publisher.

      We use CUSTOM Directory Service, i.e. we are not connected to an AD and we do not use Win. Auth.
      We type the user names (and email addresses) to server via the Enterprise Management Console.

      Is there a server functionality to accomplish this?
      Probably only by command line?
      Probably only by macro/ script?
      Any workaround solution?

      Thanks for any help,

        • Administrator emails to users
          Lars Helmer

          if i understand you correctly you want to send emails to every user referenced in every task, and for that there is no functionality available. the only workaround i can see is to manage it separately in outlook or whatever email client you have available.



            • Administrator emails to users
              Peter Rieper

              You may on each refresh of the application load a variable = string - might be steered centrally from a text-file. If the variable contains something, a small message may pop-up on each opening of an application.

              Edit: In a more decent style you may instead have a small field showing 'Latest News' or the like.



                • Administrator emails to users


                  my wish is not so much task related ...

                  My very basic requirement is as such:
                  Let's say I have 1 App which never reloads, but 50 users looking at daily (makes no sense, but for the sake of explanation ...).
                  I want to shut down the server tomorrow for maintenace work.
                  How can I send an email to the 50 users telling them that the server will not be available.
                  The email addresses are stored with the user account on QV Server.
                  Of course I could type/ copy&paste them into Outlook ... but exactly that it waht I want to avoid (lazy as I am ;-)).

                  Peter, I like your idea of creating a "Message Board" mechanism.
                  As in reality the Apps reload at least weekly, with a bit of thinking ahead I could inform most of the users.
                  The users which do not connect in that period will not notice the shutdown/restart procedure anyways ... most likely ...

                  So, thanks for your feedback.
                  Any ideas of automated emailing still appreciated,