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    Qv.exe * 32 remaining 'open' after executing batch files

      I have a simple application which executes a number of batch files, each batch file containing applications required for reload.

      For example, the script contains,

      EXECUTE "C:\Schedule\CI_Qlikview_Batch.cmd";
      EXECUTE "C:\Schedule\PT_Qlikview_Batch.cmd";
      EXECUTE "C:\Schedule\CR_Qlikview_Batch.cmd";

      The .cmd files script contains,

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\Qv.exe" /r "C:\Reloads\LoadBudgets.qvw"
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\Qv.exe" /r "C:\Reloads\LoadCreditors.qvw"

      The problem I am having is that running the .cmd files leaves a Qv.exe * 32 open after the task has finished. As a result this affects the following tasks.

      Does anyone have a better process for performing the same task? VB Script? Kill commands?

      Thanks all.