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    Exclude date value from expression



      I got problems regarding to a date value. In my example you will see a diagram which shows you intervals by to dimension typ.

      On the first view everything works great. But click on the date 5.1.2015 and you will see that on this date the diagram become 2 points instead of 1. This is because of the x axis date which uses the Einfahrt value and on the date 5.1.2015 the data have to cars.

      How can I change or solve this problem that when I click on the date 5.1.2015 the die diagram gives only back the "right" value and this is the ID 5 with Auto B. The diagram always should use the aggr(min(Einfahrt), Auto, Typ)) date on the x axis.

      For Auto A: 1.1.2015 and for Auto B 5.1.2015...


      I hope you can understand me.