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    QV WebParts install questions

      I am creating a testconfiguration for QV Webparts integration in MS Sharepoint. We are using 2 seperate servers: 1 for QV server and 1 for SharePoint. On the SharePoint server I have installed the QV webparts app. After installation I've used the 'WebParts Getting Started Walk Through' document to add a datasource to the SharePoint page, but I got stuck there.

      According to the document you'll have to edit the SharePoint page, and add an QV WebPart. But, when I add a WebPart, the QV objects are not shown there. I've installed QV Desktop on the Sharepoint server and copied the QlikViewWebParts.dll and QvsNetRemote.dll out of the C:\Program Files\QlikView\WebParts\Bin folder to the \InetPub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\[port]\bin folders. But (also after a reboot of the SharePoint server) no QV Webparts are shown in the add webparts list.

      Please help / give advice. Does someone have a complete install document with the installprodedure for QV webparts?