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    Fatal error with Variable Editor

      Just installed the framework (v1.5.1) on a local Windows 7 machine. After opening the Container Map and adding a new project, I hit "Update Map and Create Containers." The document burps, shows "Error: Fatal Error(-130)" at the top, and all of the pop up info boxes appear everywhere on the document. One of them states "WARNING! Variable editor could not find Deployment Framework Core. The application will not work."  There is also a Qlikview window that shows up noting "Execution of script failed. Reload old data?"


      I've deleted everything, re-downloaded the source, and attempted reinstall multiple times.


      During the install process (to a local folder at 'C:\QlikviewProjects'), an error message appears:  "Error updating csv file. Error was: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\QlikviewProjects\\3.Include\1.BaseVariable\dtprojects'."  This has happened with every attempt at reinstalling the framework.


      I'm assuming there is no reason why the framework requires Qlikview Server to be running on the local machine? I'm trying to set up and run the framework on a local development machine, with a licensed version of QV Desktop. My intent is to later deploy the local project to a server.


      Appreciate any feedback. Would love to use the framework, but it's just not working after multiple attempts at a clean install.