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    Maps in Qlikview/Qlik Sense

      Hi All, I am trying to create a map exactly like below, Please let me know your thoughts:




      I just did the following steps in Qlik sense:


      1.Downloaded the KML file from Cartographic Boundary KML Files - County Subdivisions - Geography - U.S. Census Bureau for New Jersey and renamed cb_2014_34_cousub_500k.Name as Municipality.

      2. Loaded the  attached Excel sheet with Municipality data.

      3. Created Map with Municipality as a dimention

      4.Added Sum(Per ca-pita Income) as a measure.


      Now, I am having issue with adding colors by Expression, I need range for colors


      For Eg If Sum([cb_2014_34_cousub_500k.Area]) between 0 and 35,000 then Red


      Please advise me on this.