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    Qlik Sense Data Load

    Bethany Famiglietti

      Does anyone else notice a lag with large data loads in Qlik Sense? I find that with large loads, the data load will get to a certain point, and then all of a sudden new records are not being added, but the wheel is still spinning. Stays like this for hours.

      Anyone else experiencing this?

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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Bethany,


          I've not noticed similar yet.


          I have a some questions:

          • What kind of data do you load into app? (I mean, Folder connection with csv,xls, or ODBC)
          • How way you load the data? (From QMC with task, or in Data Load Editor)
          • Qlik Sense server or desktop?



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              Bethany Famiglietti

              The data is being loaded from a ODBC connection, IMB DB2 database. We have seen this with both the Data Load Editor as well as running a task from the QMC. Qlik Sense server installation.


              I think I may have found the issue though. Not sure how to resolve it….


              The reload task was set to run overnight. This morning, the status of the task was ‘aborted’. In the status info, it says Host name: Dev, 2016-01-20 02:59:59 UTC Trying to start task. Sending task to slave-node devqlik.pharmerica.net. 2016-01-20 02:59:59 UTC Changing task state to Retry.


              The Dev machine is not set up to handle the task. There are not enough resources. So maybe this is the issue? We want the task using the Host name: Production. How do I chance the host of the task?