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    manually editing entries

    Vlad Gutkovsky

      I've been breaking my head on this, but I can't figure it out. Qlikview is primarily web based and all the configuration files are in web format (e.g. HTM, ASP, etc). When I started analyzing these files I noticed that everything is based on AVQ.HTC which was also confirmed by the QVS manual. Where exactly are these values stored and how can they be modified manually?????? I searched through every XML file and registry entry I could find and looked at the Javascript files for AVQ but couldn't figure anything out. Here are some examples of the values I mean (taken from QEMC\SystemSetup.htm):


      avq="Edit:.MaxAtZeroCPU" />
      avq="Edit:.MaxEnginesDistribute" />
      avq="Edit:.MaxEnginesAdmin" />
      avq="edit:.CustomDirectoryPort" />

      If anyone has already figured this out, or has some free time on their hands to play around with it now, I would really appreciate any insight.