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    How to STORE a QVD file

    Florence DeBello

      I am using QLIK Sense Desktop.  My source data is on an iSeries which I access via an ODBC connection.

      I'd like to STORE the data I've retrieved into a QVD file so that I can perform incremental data loads from the source data file.

      When I try to STORE my QVD file using this statement

      STORE ShipmentFile INTO SFFILE.QVD;

      I get an error saying that "No qualified path for file SFFILE.QVD".

      I attempted to set a path using "directory" only to run into additional errors stating that "Directory statement only works with lib:\\ paths".

      I don't want to store the QVD file on my iSeries, I want to store it on my desktop (for now).


      I don't know how to direct where my QVD file is stored, can someone help?