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    Bookmarks using Mashup API

    Daniel Kay

      I am creating an ASP.NET MVC web application that needs to maintain selection state between visits and the plan was to use bookmarks to achieve this.


      The application I am interacting with is published, and I am using the following code to create a bookmark and then save the application.


      $('#createTileButton').click(function () {                    

           console.info('create tile clicked');                    

           app.bookmark.create('@Guid.NewGuid()', 'A custom tile with reference for \'@Model.TileRef\' for user \'@User.Identity.Name\'').then(function (bookmark) {                        


                console.info('bookmark promise returned');                        


                app.doSave().then(function () {                            

                     console.info('save promise returned');                        




           return false;                



      The bookmark doesn't appear to be saving although I am getting a bookmark id returned. I did initially have the form submission with the callback of doSave() however it was never been called.


      I am getting a variety of error messages however the app.doSave() tends to return an Error From Engine: with HTTP 403: Permission Denied error but no further details


      Any ideas?