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    Master Calendar



      Is it possible to create a master calendar based on multiple fields within multiple tables. For example, I have five tables (A, B, C, D, E). A and B are linked based on their Customer ID. C and D are linked together based on their Order No. D and E are linked together on PersonID but C and D aren't linked at all to A, B and C. (They are separate but I would like them to be shown on the same report). Within the tables there are a variety of fields that contain dates that I would like to link to one Master Calendar.


      Table ATable BTable CTable DTable E
      CustomerIDCustomerIDOrder NoPersonIDPersonID
      AllocationDate EnteredDate EnteredNameAddress1
      TransactionDateOrder NoPartNationalityAddress2
      Last Login DateCostDate of BirthPost Code
      Birth TownDate Joined


      Is it possible to have one Master Calendar so that if I chose the year '2016' I can see Transactions and Logins from Table A, Customers Entered from Table B. Orders Entered (Date Entered) from Table C, anyone born in 2016 (Date of Birth) from table C, or anyone that joined (Date Joined) in 2016.


      Thanks in advance