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    connection not specified

    Johan Kruize

      I created a connection in nprinting. This connection is the default connection.

      On saving the list of objects is refreshed and i can use the connection to create a report.

      On preview everything looks fine.


      when I run a task containing this report I get an error saying "Connection not specified"

      The connection use a source on a server while the report is saved on a local pc.

      I cannot understand why I get this error.

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          Mike Czerwonky

          I am assuming that you are running the task from your client rather than the server?  Is that correct?  If from the Server, that is a whole different set of troubleshooting


          When you add a new task, the default is to have no connection until you add a report.   Can you see it adding the connection after you add the report?


          If you can do a preview, you should not have trouble having security to get to the connection.

          task connection.PNG