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    2 Questions on Moving Annual Average



      I am new at this forum and I am struggeling for a while now with getting the moving average in my Qlikview. I have 3 questions about it:


      1. What script do I need to get the Moving Annual Average of a calculated value ? (see example below)
      2. How can I display only the 2016 value's (dimension if year = '2016' then display week) and still get the Moving Average of 2015 per week ?


      Example Q1:


      Sum(if(DowntimeType='Down', DowntimeDuration))




      Count(DISTINCT Date_Key)


      Count(DISTINCT Workcentre_Key)





      Sum(if(DowntimeType='N/A', DowntimeDuration))



      Thank you very much for your help ! It took me days (and nights) to figure it out, but I can not fix it.