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    NPrinting object limitations?

    Paul Carver

      Does anyone know if there are any limitations within NPrinting in terms of how many objects a source Qlikview document can have?


      I have a very large/complex Qlikview document which has over 2500 chart and table objects and NPrinting will count them but will not list them so it is impossible to create any reports.


      I am coming to a view that I will have to create separate smaller Qlikview Documents with the content I need in the reports in order to move forward. Can anyone suggest another or better approach please?

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          Mike Czerwonky



          It is hard for me to even imagine a QVW with that many objects.   I have nearly a thousand objects in my largest QVW and the file is more than 10 GB in size.  I have to reduce it to smaller segments just so my users can get some tolerable performance through the Access Point.


          In one NPrinting report I have 764 objects to choose form.  I am not aware of any object list limitation.


          Do you have the ability to search for an object to narrow the list down to see.  If you type ch, it should reduce the list to just chartsSearch.PNG




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              Paul Carver



              The file size on this document is 0.5GB, it is complex because it handles a lot of text as well as numbers to provide status analysis and reporting for a number of business processes including Performance Improvement and Assurance.


              I have tried to add an Image and the list only shows the items available on the first of the 12 sheets within the .qvw, the add table option does not show any items (typing ch into the search box does nothing unfortunately -  there are no tables on the first sheet as it is a title page) , levels shows all the fields and variables shows all the available variables.


              Could there be something within the settings of the .qvw that is preventing the items from the other 11 sheets being shown? I have applied security settings to the sheets so that users cannot alter, add, move or change anything so could this be a problem?

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                  Mike Czerwonky

                  Try these steps to see if they will resolve your issue.


                  Can you open any other QVW in Nprinting and see the charts?

                  Try making a copy of your large QVW and remove sheets one at a time to see if Nprinting responds

                  You may need to put your user and password in on the Nprinting Source Connection screen.  Here is the screen shot on how to do that


                  connection password.PNG


                  Note: this user name and password typically needs to be your Nprinting Service User name if you are using On-Demand.  So, the Nprinting Service credentials should have the highest level of security access to your data


                  In your copy of your app, try disabling security to see if it reveals your charts.


                  This should move you further along.  Let us when you get it resolved


                  After reviewing another post, you should read this too.  If you have hidden objects, you need to follow these steps to make them available to your Nprinting template


                  Access to hidden tabs?



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                      Paul Carver



                      Thanks for your help. I have found the problem now in that all the sheets had conditional visibility based upon the value of a variable set by navigation buttons within each sheet. Once I had changed all these to 'Activate Sheet' type actions I was able to see all the objects in NPrinting.

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                  Zeeshan Adeel

                  We have around 2900 objects in a qvw and NPrinting is working without any issue.


                  One thing we notice, if you have too many objects in .QVW it makes NPrinting slower especially when it opens .QVW file.