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    Server not available after unfinished licence installation


      Hallo Guys,

      my company wants to work with a QlikView Server. We just set it up last week. Everything went well till the point we set the licence key on the management site (qmc). After that the site is not responding anymore and it is not possible to log into that site again. So one of the services is hanging!

      We have a valid licence key. I guess that we placed the licence key and the server tries to connect to QlikView Server to validate it. The problem is that we use a proxy server in our company and we also have problems in validating licences for the QlikView Clients. The solution for the QliKView Clients is to set up the proxy "hard" in the "internet options" without automatic detect of a proxy server. This is not working for the server program.

      So i guess the service tries to connect to QlikView Server to validate but cannot connect to it because it doesn't know about the proxy server and how to use it.

      Do you think i am right and can you help me?!

      Thank you very much. Yours sincerly.

      Frederik Nünning