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        jagan mohan rao appala



        I think by using this you can embed Qliksense chart in any other web applications.  It is similar to Sharepoint webparts, Workbench in Qlikview.


        Just specify the below parameters in the URL









        http[s]://<machinename | servername>/single?appid={appid}&obj={obj}&opt={options}&bookmark={bookmark}&select={selection}

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          Sangram Reddy

          Hi Abhay,


          The Single integration API is used to embed visualizations in websites or in portals, baring in mind that the user has a token to view them. The parameters which are passed through the URL are basically the setting you provide. Most of them are straight forward to understand. But explanation about these two would help you:

          bookmark - Applys a specific bookmark to your visual

          select  - Allows the end user to interact with the visual. You can curtail it or initialize your own selections


          Just make use of an <Iframe> html tag with appropriate height and with and provide the src to this as the URL mentioned in the Single Config orator for any Visual and it is going to show up on your website or portal.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Sangram Reddy.