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    Get users into Sense from office 365

    Paul Damen



      As a company we use office 365 where we have all users and groups.


      What I thought would be handy is to create a link between this user list and load this into Qlik Sense as sort off my active directory. I am not that familiar with setting up that link. Could anyone help me how this would be possible?


      Regards, Paul

        • Re: Get users into Sense from office 365
          Paul Scotchford

          Firstly, are you using QlikSense enterprise ?


          QlikSense server will connect to Active Directory via some simple config attributes in the QMC, have your server admin person organise this for you.


          I'm not aware of a connector to LDAP from the Desktop version of QlikSense, I would think there would be some questions around this by admins as to pulling user lists into QS as standalone directories, but that's another topic of discussion