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    Document CALS, Named CALS, DMS & License Lease

      Hi, we have bought a number document & named CALs. We would like to use the named CALs for developers, who should be able to modify any document using the desktop edition but also to see all documents.

      As the server is currently not part of the domain we have set it up that DMS is used for access validation which works fine. The users access the documents through the web front end and login with the IDs defined in the custom directory on the QV server.

      Now the tricky part is with the named CALs - when the developers lease the licenses from the servers it appears to only work with their machine or domain name. Hence on the server the named CAL is assigned to the machine or domain name.

      This results unfortunately in the developers being able only to open files on the server that allow anonymous access as the DMS user verification doesn't recognize the domain user names. I've also tried to log in using 'CUSTOM\USER' (the same way the document CALs are assigned on the server) but this doesn't work either.

      The only work around I can think of is to set access to allow anonymous access to all documents and to do the access validation with SECTION ACCESS which is something I would like to avoid as it requires to reload the documents every time there is a new user.

      Any help much appreciated...

      Thanks, Lukas