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    binary files on server

    Dominic Mander

      We have two applications on our sever that have developed issues.


      One, let's call it "App A", get's corrupted whenever we "publish and replace" it, meaning we can't take any custom objects users have created with us when we make changes, we always have to publish it as a new application to the stream.


      The other, let's call it "App B", is giving a "no app loaded" error whenever we try to open it and no combination of export, import or publish and replace that we have come up with has managed to resolve this (import fails, publish and replace fails) meaning we again can't get at any of the custom objects users have created.


      Other apps in the same and other streams appear to behave normally.


      We haven't yet tried a restart of services, but we intend to try that over-night so that we don't disrupt other users of the server.


      We don't have a repository database backup or apps directory backup to restore from.We are, unfortunately, working in a temporary environment so this hasn't been configured.


      2 questions then ...


      Question 1 - has anyone encountered this before and know of a way to recover either of these situations?


      Question 2 - is anyone aware of any way to export, recover or copy custom sheets users have created from apps in order to get at those we currently can't get at?