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    Section Access Multiple AD Groups

    Jan De Laet

      Hi there,


      I'm facing a problem with section access and AD Groups.


      I Have a user who is known in 2 different AD Groups : For Example GROUP1 and GROUP2.


      My section access table is as follows


      GROUP1USERField 1
      GROUP1USERField 2



      For a user who is only known in GROUP1, Field1 and Field2 are omitted, as expected.

      For a user who is only known in GROUP2, no fields are omitted, as expected.


      But if a user is known in both AD Groups, then also Field1 and Field2 are omitted.

      In this case I would expect Qlikview to use the most wide group and not omit any field.


      Is there a way to achieve that ?


      Thanks a lot !!