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    How to use chr(32) in pie chart expression?

    Uday P

      Hi all,


      I have been trying to show values and it's relative percentage for a pie chart . I have used the below expression to show the count of values in legend


      Count({<Rejoined={'N'}>}[Primary Reason])


      and checked the Relative check box to get those values converted to percentages. But now the user requires, both the Integer values and its corresponding percentages to be shown in legend side by side. I have attached the screenshots of the integer and percentage values individually obtained.



      Now the requirement is for example should be shown in legend as follows


      Primary Reason

      Better Opportunity          141     25.31%


      I tried the below expression


      Count({<Rejoined={'N'}>}[Primary Reason]) &' '& Count({<Rejoined={'N'}>}[Primary Reason])/Count(Total{<Rejoined={'N'}>}[Primary Reason])*100

      and the result is

      Primary Reason

      Better Opportunity          14125.31


      Please help me out in finding where and what I am doing wrong.



      Thanks in advance.