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    Passing date variable to Teradata

      In my Qliksense script, I created a date variable using this code:


      LET vMinDate = MonthEnd(AddMonths(Today(),-13));


      Next I have a SQL SELECT statement where I'm trying to limit the data from my table by using the date variable above (vMinDate) in the WHERE condition....


      WHERE "DATA_DT" >=  $(vMinDate);


      Well, the query runs, but it ignores the date condition and returns ALL the dates in my table.  For example, running the code today, the value for vMindDate is 12/31/2014.   And when I abort the query, it shows that date value in the data load box.  But again, when it runs it returns ALL DATA_DT values.


      I presume Teradata is not recognizing the the date format.  What can I do?  Is there code to change the date variable to the 1141231 format Teradata also likes?  Or another way to create the variable to use in the SQL?