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    Qlikview EDX - How can I change the result message output

    Carlos Gutierrez

      Dear Friends,

      I'm configuring several jobs to be executed by EDX using this command on a bat file.


      \\Path\DEV_RSC_LATAM_MX\00_QV_EDX\QMSEDX_CommandLine\QMSEDX.exe -qms="http://ServerName:4725/QMS/Service" -task="Reload of Business Dynamics\QVE_Business_Dynamics.qvw" -password="BUSINESS" -timeout=600 -verbosity=3


      The bat file works fin, and execute the task on qlikview. Now, this bat file will be executed by "Control M" and also execute the taks. But the problem is that Contorl M to understand that the command works fine needs and output "1". I don't know how can I send that, because I read when task execute fine the result is 0.


      Can you help me?

      Best Regards