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    Unable to open Qliksense hub link on ipad

    Matt Hollingshead

      Hi All,


      As  we  are working on Qliksense server  and we are able to use HUB link on Laptop and desktop but when we are trying HUB link on ipad it doesn't work and one strange thing is happening it is only working with one user id who has installed server and use her ID while creating the proxies.

      We have tried everything,

      Created new virtual proxy for IPAD.

      Given the URL and Server address in white-list.

      Change the port to 80 to 82.

      but still it doesn't work.


      Error we are getting is  "this user is not authenticated" . We have checked in logs , Nothing specific we found in that.


      Please let me know if something like this happened  with anyone else  or any possible solution for this.


      i'm attaching the virtual proxy settings we are using for IPAD.