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    Qlikmaps not able download!!

      Hi All


        Am  not able to Download the Qlikmaps form the qlikmaps.com


             Once i went through the link it is asking user name password ,so now i i dont have any user name and password so that am using Qlikcommuntity log in credentials but it is giving below Error.



      Please let me know what is the problem




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          Robert Mika

          I'm sure that qlikmaps support is better place for your question...


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            Trey Bayne

            Hi Manju,

            This is Trey with the QlikMaps team from Analytics8 (QlikMaps.com). First, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. We get most of our QlikMpas related questions from our support portal (support.analytics8.com) and I have not done a great job of monitoring the community for such questions. That will change now as I'm going to put much more effort in to monitoring the community for such questions.


            QlikMaps is a seperate tool developed by Analytics8 that plugs in to QlikView or QlikSense and adds Geo Spatial functionality. As such, QlikMaps requires a seperate log in that is sent out after the purchase of the QlikMaps product. For more information, please go to QlikMaps.com. If you have already purchased the product, please go to support.analytics8.com or reach out to your account manager.