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    Refer to top 30 dimension limit


      I am buiding a tree map where I show clients and the Sum(Amount). For this treemap to be not so much populated, I just keep the top 30 of the clients on Sum(Amount).


      Then I want the color to be associated with another dimension: Count(DocID)

      So I try to make the relative count like this: Count(DocID)/Count(TOTAL DocID) so I have a number between 0 and 1 to display the color.


      The problem is that Count(TOTAL DocID) counts all documents and not only the top 30 clients ones.


      Any idea of how can I overcome this?

      Thank you!

      Client  Amount  DocID

      A          10          1

      A          20          2

      B          5            3

      B          5            4

      B          5            5