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    Could Not Open Application

    Miguel �ngel Garc�a



      We recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and the Desktop Client has not shown any inconvenience.

      However, when we try to open an application in Access Point using the IE Plugin, we get an Error Message that we are not familiar with. Could you please share with us if there's a compatibility issue or if there is a solution?

      Note: The Java client works fine.

      The First error that I was getting was related to OCX. Here is a screenshot:



      After I uninstalled and reinstalled both IE8 and the IE Plugin, the application seems to be opening but, after a long while, it shows the following message:


      Two important things to note are:

      · That, if I try to open an application in other server (installed Locally on the machine I'm working), the applications launches fine using the plugin.

      · When trying to open the application (on the remote server) via web in another computer (using Windows Vista), it opens as usual.


      Thanks in advance.