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    qvx on windows 10 2 related problems

    Thomas MacKay

      I'm getting into some of the more advanced integration features of Qlik and i tried to do some self learning using the QVX SDK.
      my plan was to build ou thte examples and run them locally and get a feel for things before trying to make what i really want to make...
      Unfortunately the formula is that if you develop on the latest and greatest nothing ever works right.

      for reference:VS2015CE, windows 10, qliview desktop 12...


      so far i have discovered

      Windows 10 silently blocks exe files that it doesn't know about. so all of the verpatch.exe had to be individually unblocked on my setup
      I was able to successfully build the examples however i still cannot seem to "install them" per the SDK instructions... i move them to the directory but they don't show up in the script dialog.

      I have installed other connectors to test if it was possibly an issue with QV 12 but those show up.
      So is anyone else having trouble getting qlik to recognize the builds as connectors?
      does anyone have a less hokey/incredible-machiney way of getting QV to recognize the executable as a qvx provider?