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    Understanding the Qlik-Structure

    Oliver Richter


      my name is Oliver and I work with QlikView since several years. In our company we use 4 Personal Licenses and think now about buying the QlikView Server for better User Administration and sharing the Results with Clients via Browser or Mobile App.


      Question 1:

      Unfortunately I haven't found any deeper insights of what the QlikView Server will do for us. I hope, it will be possible to share the QVWs via App and Browser. Am I right?


      Question 2:

      What is the job of the publisher and is it a "real" product or only the part of collecting data from several sources and building QVDs?


      Question 3:

      If the publisher IS a real product, do I need it for using the QlikView Server. What does the publisher do what the Personal Edition can't do?



      You see...I'm able to generate applications with QlikView but I'm not a professional of the product structure


      I hope, you guys can help me. Thanks in advance and "sorry", if my english is a little bit rough




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          Onno van Knotsenburg



          Happy to see your interest in getting a server .


          Based on the number of end-user licenses (or CALs; Client Access Licenses), I would advise you a Small Business Edition (SBE) server.


          Without a Publisher, you get only a limited list of automatic reload functionality. But no worries, this is perfectly fine for most small businesses. You can still chain reloads and nicely schedule them. Just no complex reload structures, emailing QVWs to people, Data Reduction and using the QV server to do tasks outside QV.


          I am from the Dutch office and have asked our sales to let me know who in the German office I can ask to contact you so you don't have to bother about English .

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              Oliver Richter

              Hi Onno,


              thanks for your quick response and for asking your sales.


              No, I've learn'd another thing...there are different types of QlikView Server

              Is there anywhere a list with all the different QlikView products for a quick overview?
              That would help me much.


              I've realized the automatic loading of data by using the Windows Task Planner and it worked well. So I think, we don't really need the publisher.


              Before we buy the server I would like to visit a Qlik Training. I visited the Designer & the Developer class at QlikTech Düsseldorf (Germany) last year and it brought me many steps forward. Which course should I choose for the server?


              Thank you very much for the help!

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                  Onno van Knotsenburg



                  There are 5 servers, of which it soon will be obvious which one you want.


                  SBE (Small Business Edition).

                  - Cheapest server in the list

                  - Allows up to 25 User CALs

                  - Allows up to 100 Doc CALs

                  - Does all your basic things (reloading, authorization, etc)

                  - Comes with internal website (aka Access Point)

                  - Only Windows authentication


                  EE (Enterprise Edition)

                  - About 3 to 4 times the price of the SBE

                  - No limit on CALs

                  - Also offers Session and Usage CALs

                  - No limit in authentication systems


                  Test server

                  - Half the price of whatever server you want a test version off

                  - No CALs (as you are using those of your production server)


                  IAS (Information Access Server)

                  - the most expensive on the list

                  - only allows 1 QVW

                  - needs to be connected to the internet

                  - everyone in the world should be allowed anonymous access

                  - you need to build your own website around it


                  QES (QlikView Extranet Server)

                  - Only allows Session CALs

                  - Only allows 3 QVW's max

                  - Aimed at sharing one or more internal QVWs with partners / customers.


                  The Publisher license is a separate license you buy on top of the server.


                  CALs are Client Access Licenses. You buy the CALs that you need.

                  Full access to 3 or more documents? Named CAL.

                  Full access to 1 or 2 documents? 1 or 2 Doc CALs.

                  Groups of 12+ users who need access a few times per week? Session CALs (not available on SBE)

                  High usage spike once a month? Usage CALs (not available on SBE)

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                Peter Cammaert
                1. Yes, that is one of the tasks of QlikView server. QVS makes QVW documents available to end-users through the AccessPoint. Another task of QlikView server is management of licenses, documents and permissions. For example, a user that tries to open a document for which he/she lacks authorization will be refused by QlikView server using a range of security techniques.
                2. The Publisher is a real product. It's the big brother of the built-in reload scheduler that comes standard with QlikView Server. It is a separate product, meaning that you can host it on another server machine so that end-users won't be bothered with delayed reponses whenever a series of reloads start to execute. But the Publisher can also be hosted on the QlikView Server. Very powerful document/data/schedule-management tool.
                3. No you don't need the Publisher to get started with QlikView Server. However, it will make life a lot easier. You can view the Publisher as a powerful add-on that will become indispensable when moving towards a real enterprise architecture