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    Custom color measurements

      Hello everybody,


      Here comes another color question. I have a chart that looks like this:




      I have 1 dimension and 2 measures:


      Skärmklipp 01.PNG

      Gross margin is calculated like this:

      Skärmklipp 02.PNG (for those who want to know).




      I would like to be able to custom color my measure (Gross Margin). Can anyone tell  me how to do it?



      Betty Habtemariam

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          bruno bertels

          Hi Betty


          May be somethink like this :



          ((Sum(Sales)-sum(COGS))/Sum(Sales)-$(=min(aggr( ((Sum(Sales)-sum(COGS))/Sum(Sales), [Month])))))


          $(=(max(aggr(((Sum(Sales)-sum(COGS))/Sum(Sales),[Month]))-min(aggr(((Sum(Sales)-sum(COGS))/Sum(Sales), [Month])))))),white(),blue())


          Hope it helps



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            Sangram Reddy

            Hi Betty,


            As you have the gross margin as one of he measures , you will be able to colour code the chart with just an if statement like this:


            if( (sum(sales)-sum(cogs))/sum(sales) > 0.5,green(), // greater than 50% green

            if( (sum(sales)-sum(cogs))/sum(sales) < 0.2,red(), // less than 20% red

            blue())) // else blue