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    Three table association

      Hi, I have 3 SQL tables, where table  B & C are associated to table A via a field that exists in the three tables!


      Note that table B and C are not to be associated. For exemple, something like:


      TableA - Employee

      TableB - EmployeePayments

      PK - E

      TableC - EmployeeExtraHours


      Table B and C primary keys are ID of the employee that is in table A.


      When I do the profiling I associate A-B and A-C via the employeeID, but when the profiling tool is testing relation between tables B-C it suggests na association via 3 fields or "No Association"

      When I choose "No Association", it suggests I rename the fields (that jave the same name) to break the association... but if I do that I break also the associations between A-C and A-B!!


      In one image, I want something like this:




      How can I solve this??


      Best regards,