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    Distribution Service vs. Section Access ... Known Issues?


      I am running (so far quite successful) QV9 SR1 server with AJAX and Win-Desktop-Clients.
      I am not using Publisher.

      To enable access to separate data sections, I created different applications (e.g. for each business unit 1 application). Then I figured out how 'Section Access' works.

      Last week I changed my application by adding section access; I removed all 'Business Unit' copys and replaced them with 1 app with section access enabled.
      The whole section access mechnism works perfectly.

      But ...

      I notice that the reload functionality of the is server is hanging. I seethat the Distribution Service consumes lots of memory, and that the overall machine performance is very (very very) slow. After a restart of the Distribution Service (all other services continue working) the system behaves 'normal'/ as expected ... until the Distribution Service gets slow again ...


      * Are there any 'special considerations' when enabling Section Access?
      * Any special server settings to apply?
      * Did you have similar experience? And how did you work around?

      Thank you,